About Us


Break Through Learning Center (BTLC), an affiliate of Aspasia Leadership, LLC evolved from a fact; when parents fight in front of their children or use abusive, punitive or neglectful parenting tools, their children suffer. Their families, friends and coworkers suffer.

The belief that educating parents in human development, communication skills and dignity principles improves family relationships and lowers incidents of domestic violence was the driving force behind years of dedication to education. Established in July 2003 by Mollie M. Hughes, EdD, A 30+-year veteran facilitator and parent educator, BTLC provides ongoing parent education for all parents. Other services include Parent Coordinator (Case Management), Parent Coaching, Family Reconciliation, Mediation and Supervised Visitation.

Parenting Dignity


“to improve the life of the human child through parent education and lower family conflict”


“to acknowledge the parent as a learner/teacher , to support the inherent principles of human dignity, and to lowering the incidents of discourse and violence within families and communities.”