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Family Reconciliation

Family reconciliation is the process by which an estranged parent is reintroduced into the family through mediated conversations and structured activities. It is done collaboratively by a trained mediator. The goal is to unite parents and children through a step by step process involving court agents and other professionals in creating positive family interactions.

The role of Break Through Learning Center is to provide a safe, structured environment with trained facilitators. The Center specializes in parents reuniting with their children after an extended amount of time as part of a temporary or permanent parenting plan.

10-Steps to Reconciliation

  1. Collect a retainer fee to begin contacting and scheduling parent consultations.
  2. Begin initial consultations with parents.
  3. Document review, background information and collateral comments.
  4. Agree with both parents on goals for the reconciliation process and design a temporary timeline.
  5. Implement the first step of the plan which may mean meeting separately with the child/ren and/or with a parent/s.
  6. Implement the plan adding mediated, negotiated and free conversations with supervised activities between child/ren and parent.
  7. Interview the parent to evaluate progress and adjust if needed for future visits.
  8. Continue sessions followed by feedback and evaluations.
  9. Agreeing on an end date goal when all steps of the plan are completed and no recommendation for further sessions are made.
  10. Provide notes and updates to family members, court officials and other professionals with final closing statements.

Fees and Guarantees

The Retainer for Family Reconciliation is $15,000 which includes mediation sessions including contact with the parents, parent counsels, the child/ren, and collateral contacts; written correspondence including email; document review; travel time, court appearances and depositions; also includes a minimum monthly chargeĀ  billed for admin fees and final report.


$15000.00 – Family Reconciliation – Retainer

$7500.00 – Family Reconciliation – Half Retainer