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Parent Coaching

Parent coaching is a court approved process designed to support parents through daily parenting challenges. The BTLC approach uses a democratic, Breakthrough parenting approach built on the strengths of the parent and the family dynamic.

Parent Coordination

Parent Coordination is a child-focused alternative dispute resolution process in which a qualified individual with mediation training and experience assists high conflict parents to implement their parenting plan by facilitating the resolution of their disputes in a timely manner, educating parents about children’s needs, and, with prior approval of the parties and/or the court, making decisions within the scope of the court order or appointment contract.

Case Manager

Case Management available by appointment from the court.

Supervised Visitation

Supervised visitation takes place at our North Seattle office located at 9500 Roosevelt Way NE, Suite 205, Seattle, WA 98115.  Supervised visitation is used in special situations where a third party, usually specified by a court, observes and records individual interactions between parent and child/children.

Family Reconciliation

Family reconciliation is the process by which an estranged parent is reintroduced into the family through mediated conversations and structured activities. It is done collaboratively by a trained mediator. The goal is to unite parents and children through a step by step process involving court agents and other professionals in creating positive family interactions.

Documents and Other Fees