Supervised Visitation

Supervised visitation is used in special situations where a third party, usually specified by a court, observes and records individual interactions between parent and child/children.

All supervisors have experience in early childhood development, are trained observers and maintain a non-judgmental, caring attitude toward all parents and children.

We provide written reports as part of the service. We encourage and record parent feedback and concerns. We offer parent coaching upon request.


Flexible and negotiable (2 hour minimum, 4 hour maximum)

Offsite Visits & Exchanges

Supervised visits and exchanges can take place at locations other than our North Seattle office location, for an additional flat fee.


A Supervised Visitation Initial Consultation must take place prior to requesting any services.


$125.00 – Initial Consultation (each parent):

Must Be Completed Before Purchasing Other Services

The Fee for the Initial Consultation is Non-Refundable.

$75.00 – Per Hour (as of July 1, 2020):

$25.00 – Travel per visit (off site Seattle city limits):

$50.00 – Travel per visit (King County):

$110.00 – Per Hour National Holidays:

$50.00 – Weekly Admin Fee:

$125.00 – Per Hour Parent Coaching: