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Initial Consultation: Fee $150.00

Before purchasing and enrolling in either the Why Hang Onto Anger (WHOA!) or the Parenting Dignity: A Breakthrough Parenting Approach online classes you will need to go through our Initial Consultation process.

The Fee for the Initial Consultation is Non-Refundable.

To begin this process you need to purchase the Initial Consultation first and then complete the Extended Intake Form prior to scheduling an online interview with Mollie Hughes EdD.

After your Initial Consultation Interview Mollie will instruct you to enroll in the class that is best suited for you.

Click Here To Fill Out Extended Intake Form

Why Hang Onto Anger (WHOA!)

Managing Emotions – Anger management is not really about being angry or upset, but HOW we lose our tempers After all, anger is a normal, healthy emotion. How we INTERPRET any given situation makes the difference in how we REACT. To complete this course, parents are required to do an activity entitle History of the Heart: a personal timeline, a birth story and a life story.

The WHOA course is based in research from existing evidence-based programs such as Positive Parenting, Active Parenting, STEP and Breakthrough Parenting. We introduce parents to TED Talks and current research as well as discuss the application of Psychosocial researchers such as Jean Piaget, Alfred Adler and Erik Erikson. Think of it as a 101 college course: human development and social/emotional development of parenting in a democratic family.

Parenting Dignity: A Breakthrough Parenting Approach

The 12-week virtual classroom is a court-recognized blended learning approach that explores democratic parenting practices. Whether in-class or online, this e-learning platform engages parents in role play, quizzes, and reflection notes. Parents choose to attend the parenting classes or apply for online coaching. Parenting skills include physical/emotional development, stress and anger management strategies, navigating through separation and divorce, human rights education, brain development, effective communication, and democratic discipline. Parents will engage in virtual lecture videos, peer networking in class and feedback surveys.

Court Approved

Both courses are Court Approved and are highly recommended for parents with challenging children or as part of a plan for family reconciliation, parenting plans or parents involved in family disputes.

The in-class instructors are trained in strength-based parent curricula to engage parents in discussion and practice which include information on human rights, dignity and preparing children for school and civic engagement.